6 Nontraditional Dessert Ideas For Your Next Wedding Or Event

6 Nontraditional Dessert Ideas For Your Next Wedding Or Event

What better way to celebrate your next event than with some nontraditional dessert options! You don’t have to serve a wedding cake or cupcakes at your event if you don’t want to. In fact, it’s becoming quite common for people to offer something other than a cake and cookies. Now is the time to get creative and step it up to the next level with some other sweets! Instead of scrolling the internet for dessert idea, check out the 6 different dessert options that we have gathered for you!  

Cotton Candy Cart

You can’t go wrong with serving cotton candy at your event! This magical cloud of fresh gourmet sugar is guaranteed to be a hit amongst your guests – especially when you have a menu of over 25 curated flavors made from organic ingredients.

S’mores Bar

Bring back some childhood memories with a s’mores bar! Not only will this treat make everyone happy, but your guests can choose from 10 different flavors and topping to make it customizable to their tastebuds. Did you know 15 percent of couples chose this dessert bar in 2019?

Candy Cart

Events are pretty sweet, so why not offer a candy bar to make it even sweeter! You can’t go wrong wit ha candy cart. “The Candy Cart stocks up to 30 different types of candy and offers customization options for a personal touch.”

Donut & Churro Bar

A donut wall is definitely a fun and exciting addition to an event, but how about mini donuts or churros! Have your guests choose from a variety of sugar topping like cinnamon, powdered, Vermont maple, vanilla, chocolate, raspberry, lemon, Oreo cookie crumbs, ginger snap & pumpkin spice. 18 percent of hosts offer mouth-watering donuts at their event. I can promise you that your guests will devour the donuts!

Paleta Cart

Who doesn’t love Ice Cream! “Ice cream options include traditional Paletas such as coconut, lime, and strawberry. Throw it back with the ice creams we grew up with – Ninja Turtle, Strawberry Shortcake, and Choco Taco. The best part of Paletas Please – 15% of proceeds goes towards ending poverty.” 

Mini Dutch Pancakes

“They’re inspired by poffertjes (puff-er-CHUS), an irresistible Dutch confection that looks like an American silver dollar pancake, but with a light, dense middle, like a mini-soufflé. Add the topping of your choice, and you have a versatile, irresistible bite-sized snack, dessert or hors d’oeuvre for any catered event.”
The Amazing Vendors
The Jolly Sheep
The Candy Coach 
The Fry Girl 
Paleta Please
Omas Puffers

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