How to Stay Productive during these Crazy Times

How to Stay Productive during these Crazy Times

This crazy outbreak is changing the way people live and work. Just because we are forced to stay inside doesn’t mean that we need to decrease our productivity. So, first thing’s first: Get out of bed, have a hearty breakfast and put on some comfy clothes! Here are some ways you can stay productive during these crazy times:

1. Except the change.

We’re all in this together! Don’t fight the change. Accept that you will have a new way of living life, be smart and stay productive. Replace that daily commute to work with a long walk to get your brain going. “As things change around us, it’s important to create or keep a sense of normalcy … and find ways to increase a sense of being in control,” said Birgitta von Schlumperger, a Portland-area clinical psychologist.

2. Have a plan.

Have a routine! Either at the beginning of the week or each morning, sit down and come up with a plan of action. Jot down a few short term and long term goals that you have while being quarantined.

3. Work space.

Find yourself a quiet and comfortable spot to work, so that you can focus on staying productive. Keeping your workspace separate from the rest of your home helps you with keeping a 9 am-5 pm schedule. When 5 pm hits, you shut that computer and come back to that desk at 9 am the next day.

4. Self-care.

Taking care of yourself during this time is very important. Sign up for a Livestream workout class, whether it be yoga, pilates, a HITT class, boxing, etc. This will allow you to set a designated time to stop working and focus on yourself. (Here are a few great workouts to try F45, Rumble, Yoga with Adriene, HITT, etc.)

5. Learn something new!

With movie theatres being closed, concerts being postponed and public areas being shut down, we are forced to stay home and sit around. WRONG! Dust off that old piano of yours, try a new recipe, put together a puzzle, start a blog, there are tons of things to do to keep you busy and productive during the quarantine.

6. Stay Connected.

Stay connected with not only your clients but your family and friends. Set up a Zoom with everyone in the family. Pick a night to all have a glass of wine or even a bake-off! Keep in touch with your clients by hoping on a Facetime instead of just giving them a call. Staying connected helps with keeping yourself sane while catching up with others.

7. Know that everything is going to be okay!


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  • Michelle Posted April 6, 2020 6:00 pm

    Love this! Very helpful during these times!

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